Monday, October 8, 2012

“It ain’t over till it’s over.”

Saturday we traveled to Jyvaskyla for our last away game of the season. We started the scoring off fast with a goal from Jenna with less than a minute played in the game.  Brooke found Jenna free just inside the box and she slotted the ball by the keeper for the 1-0 lead. Five minutes later we scored again, when Jennie threw the ball into Brooke, she turned beat two defenders and finished nicely. Fifteen minutes in we went up 3-0 after Jenna played Tess through on a breakaway. Brooke challenged in the box and was taken down. The ref gave us a penalty kick and Brooke finished it. We went into the halftime leading 4-0. Jypk still continued to fight and in the second half held us to only one goal in the 90th minute. Tiia subbed in and within a minute scored off a cross from Tess. We are still tied for first with Merilappi going into the final game of the season. They hold 3 goals on us and potentially it could come down to goal differential if we are both to win on Saturday. These are the kind of games you want to play in. With all the excitement building up, I am ready to play and know that the rest of the team is ready as well. We will leave everything on the field on Saturday and we know what we need to do.

Other things in Kokkola.. With the season wrapping up and only one week left I have started to pack up. It is bittersweet, after being here for six months I am so excited to get back home but I know I will miss things here as well. This past week Brooke and I visited with Katja’s class at the English immersion school here in Kokkola. The kids were so cute and it’s amazing how good their English is already. We got to take part in music class and sing along to a lot of the songs we sang in school as kids. The past two weekends I have spent a lot of time at the Astrom’s house. Ebba and I made and finished our own homemade one pieces. They came out great and Ebba and Katja were awesome coaches since my sewing skills were at a minimum. Sunday the family had Brooke, Monica and I over for a nice lunch and some quality time. Now it’s back to training for the week to prepare us for the game Saturday.