Monday, June 6, 2011

An eventful weekend..

This week our game was played on Thursday. We won 1-0! Everyone was excited to play, the weather was great and it was a home game! It was only our second home game so far. We started the game off well and held possession for the majority of the game.  In the first half we had many opportunities to score but just couldn't capitalize. Mid-way through the second half Tess scored off a shot just inside the box far post, off the post and in! She celebrated with an African dance... if you score and don't celebrate then the team fines you one euro (fun rule.. too bad I don't score)  One goal was enough and we got the three points but there is still some work to be done.  Everyone is working hard and the goals will come.  We were given the weekend off for Graduation.  Our next game is tomorrow (Tuesday) away vs. FC Sport.

Ebba (Back row, white sweater)
Elis (Front, Blue t-shirt)
Friday Night Jackie and I went with the Astrom's to Ebba and Elis' end of the year celebration/Ebba's elementary school graduation. We sang a few songs in Swedish and all of the kids read a poem they wrote about what they love in summer. Ebba received the "best friend" award! In between they had some of the kids perform.  One boy played the electric guitar and he was so good!  The ceremony didn't last too long and it was back to the Astrom's to prepare for Saturday's big party.

Max on the drums
Max was graduating from gymnasium (basically High School back home) and it is a really big deal here! We were preparing for at least 150 people to come to the party! Saturday morning when we woke up we went to the high school for the ceremony. There was only 40 students graduating, whereas I graduated with a class of over 400! It lasted about 2 hours with different speeches, awards and students performing.  Max played the guitar and sang a song in Swedish along with another classmate. He also played the drums while the graduating class sang "We are the Champions!" He did a really good job! He got a very big award from the School because he graduated with the best test scores and grades in the school!
Max and I
Just a few of the cakes!
After the graduation was over it was back to the house for some final party preparations.  When we got there the power was out! It came back on shortly and everything was set up in time. Jackie and I were sent to the sauna to be kitchen workers for the party.  Jackie was in charge of the coffee and juice and I was the dish washer! Katja gave Jackie and I both Aprons with our names on them to wear! After about an hour into the party I was swamped with dishes!! There was a line up to even get into the house. After about two hours of strictly dish washing it finally died down and we took a break.  Someone else took over for us and we were able to enjoy all the different cakes and talk to some of the visitors.

Just locking up the shorts!
When the party was over Jackie and I came back to the apartment with Kersten.  Graduation night is a big happening and everyone goes to the beach area to drink before they go to the club.  So we decided why not see what was going on and headed to the beach.  Since we had on dresses and needed to ride our bikes we though why not wear soccer shorts and then string them on the bike lock when we get there! This was a really good idea (obviously I thought of it) There was so many people there but it was so cold out! We left and went to the bar. We were so excited to get in and be warm... Kirsten forgot her id! So we talk to the bouncers and then they ended up letting us in without it! We danced almost the whole night! The way people dance here is so much different from back home but I don't even know how to explain. We decided to leave around 3 am. We stopped at the cart in the marketplace and got spring rolls and headed home!
Kerstin and Jackie with a few of the graduates!
We woke up Sunday morning and were mentally preparing for the Olympics! Kersten's host brother Emil was having a birthday party and it was Finland vs. USA.  Emil is friends with Elis so Elis and Otto were on team Finland as well.  USA consisted of Jackie, Kerstin, Ebba, Emma (Kerstin's host sister) and I.  We were to play floor ball, soccer and dodge ball.  The first half of floor ball went well we were only down 1 going into the snack break.  We ended up losing by at least 7 to a bunch of 10 yr old boys! In soccer we tied 2-2 and then it was down to dodge ball.  The boys decided they didn't want to play dodgeball anymore and wanted to have a shootout. The ref rigged this one because the girls had to shoot from half court and the boys about 20 yds away.  We lost by 1 and Finland took the Gold! Although we lost, and I hate losing, it was a fun day.  I think the boys had a lot of fun playing with us too!

The weather is starting to get a lot nicer! This week is predicting high 70's! We have practice tonight and our next game is tomorrow. Update coming soon...

Hejdå för nu!

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