Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Hangover 2

The Hangover 2 was showing in the movie theater here in town.  Jackie and I thought it would be a good idea for our lazy rainy Sunday. The theater opens 30 minutes before showing. Two of our teammates came and picked us up. We stopped at ABC (Convenient store) and picked up some candy and chocolate to sneak in!

About eight of our teammates decided to come see the movie with us! So that was fun.  When we got there, the lobby of the theater was about the size of half of the bathroom at a theater back home! There were only two different screen venues inside. We paid for our tickets and entered the theater. The theater was a decent size and the set up was basically the same. 

The movie started and thank gosh it was in English! Something we were a little worried about prior to the movie, but some of the girls promised us it would be in English.  They had Finnish subtitles while the movie played. I honestly thought the movie could have been a lot better, I was a bit disappointed.  Although I still had a few laughs I thought it was too similar to the first one.  While everything was very predictable the humor was an in your face type of comedy! Be ready for some interesting stuff to happen! If you enjoyed the first movie I would recommend it although don't get your hopes up to high!


Hejdå för nu!

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