Monday, August 8, 2011

“The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.”

We ended the first part of the season on a high note. This past Saturday we won our game against FC Sport 3-2. We went down 1-0 early in the match despite holding the majority of the possession and creating better opportunities. We were able to tie the game minutes later and bring everyone’s confidence back to life. Just before half-time we were able to score a beautiful goal. Tess was able to find Emmi wide open and her shot was placed perfectly over the keeper and into the net.

The second half was played well and we were able to score off of a scramble in front of the box. While we were up 3-1 and controlling the game, Sport was able to score again off a similar situation. The field was slippery and caused some dangerous situations. Off a cross from the outside Sport finished and the game was 3-2. We were able to fight hard and hold them off for the final minutes. We fought hard and the attitude and motivation among the team was where it needed to be.
We now have a break next weekend before the final stretch begins. The series was divided into 2 groups; and the top 4 teams from both groups now make a winners bracket, while the bottom 4 from both make a losers bracket.  We finished 3rd and now have 7 games remaining with a chance to make it to the league. We have also eliminated the possibility of dropping down to division 2 by staying out of the loser’s bracket. For the next two weeks, its back to training as we will look each day to improve and become one step closer to our final goal.

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