Friday, August 5, 2011

“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.”

I apologize for the delay on my blog! Since we got back from Germany things have been pretty busy. Our team hosted a youth tournament that is the 2nd largest tourney in the country. Jackie, Kerstin, Tess and I were hired to work in a kiosk and sell t-shirts and some other tournament souvenirs. It was actually pretty fun and the time went by quite fast. Some people were surprised when they came to the counter and we were speaking English, but we managed well. The following weekend we were in charge of working in the kitchen. Here at tournaments the kids stay and eat in the schools rather than reserve hotel rooms and go out to eat at restaurants like back home! We served the meals to the kids and kept the cafeteria clean.
Jackie and Tess in the kitchen

We have hit a rough patch in our season. Since we have been back we played 3 games, 2 in the series and 1 cup game. The results have not been what we have hoped but there are some things that we need to improve on.  Ever since we had our season break we came back playing below our potential. We have one more game before the series restarts and we have secured our spot in the higher bracket despite our showing the past few games. The team is taking the right steps to regain our confidence and level of play and hopefully we will get back on track. I am confident that it will get better and we will contend to finish in the top 2 of the division.
Our next and final game before the series change is tomorrow at home. We look to improve on some things and take away something positive from the game before entering the final stretch of the season!

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