Monday, August 22, 2011

Ut med domaren och in med Nalle Puh

The upper-series began on Saturday when we played Tu-We at home. It was the first time this season we have played Tu-We but we were ready. The past two weeks we have been training hard to prepare us for our final 7 games. We began controlling the game early and creating a few good chances. About 40 minutes in we capitalized. Linda’s half volley beat the keeper and fell just below the bar. Only minutes later Totti collected her rebound and calmly put back. Going into half-time we were up 2-0. 
In the beginning of the second half we had a few good chances that we were unable to score off of. Tu-We was awarded a free kick near the corner flag. When I came out and parried the ball away, I then saw no one near the rebound, I came out and collected the ball. A Tu-We player challenged me late on the play and fell over me. After I already had secured the ball in my hands. The referee called a penalty kick!! This was the most absurd call I have ever faced.  I don’t usually get involved with the referees but this had me furious! There was still about 20 minutes left to play and he could change the game like that. I normally would understand if I made a dangerous play and legit did something wrong but Saturday there was no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I flat out made the save and the ref was blind! They converted the penalty kick and the game was now 2-1. The game played out and we finished 2-1.
There were many things that we could take away from the game. At times we played really good football. The team’s energy and confidence levels were up. We will go into this week’s training hard and look forward to our next match in Helsinki this Saturday. Our goal is within reach and we are taking it one game at a time!
P.S the title is a song my finnish mom taught me to cheer at games when the ref makes a bad call!

Hejdå för nu!

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